Top 15 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

When it comes to smartphones, one utility that surpasses all is clicking pictures, except maybe making calls and dropping text messages. But smartphone photography is a mixed bag of results, primarily due to two factors: First, they can not capture the same level of detail and provide such a diverse set of controls as standalone cameras, and second, different devices are equipped with different sensors whose capabilities vary from outstanding to underwhelming. So, what does that mean? Should one stop clicking pictures if they don’t carry an iPhone X or a Pixel 2 in their pockets? Absolutely NOT. This is where photo editing apps come to our rescue. These apps may not improve the camera’s performance, but they more than compensate for it by tweaking the shots clicked by users to their liking.

We have compiled a list of the best photo editing apps for Android that do much more than just adding effects like sepia and greyscale to the photos clicked by users. These cherry-picked Android apps are capable of doing a lot more than that, bringing pro-level image-editing controls at the disposal of users, alongside a host of other exciting and fun-filled enhancement tools. The following apps have been shortlisted after carefully assessing them for parameters like user interface, diversity of editing tools and quality of the end result. So, let’s get started with our list of the 15 best photo editing apps for Android:

When it comes to enhancing the quality of shots, a vast collection of filters and precise attribute control tools prove to be the vital editing elements, and much to the delight of users, Snapseed comes with a rich collection of such features. But what truly sets Google’s image editing app apart is the deep integration of customized control variables in each filter and tool, which lets us achieve the desired outcome and make that perfect image worthy of posting on Instagram.

Even though the sheer diversity of editing tools and effects can get overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get a hold of them and know where your favorite tools are, you will evolve into a certified photo editing machine. Snapseed has a few other standout features too, such as the ability to edit RAW DNG files and export them as JPG files without any loss in quality.

Then there is the extremely nifty ‘Selective Saturation’ feature, which allows users to select up to eight points on the image and make desired enhancements on the exact same spot without affecting the whole image. Furthermore, there is another very useful functionality called ‘QR Look’, which allows users to create a QR code of the final image, and apply the same effect on another unedited image by just scanning the code. And hey, the app is absolutely free!

Download (Free)

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC


Adobe’s Photoshop line-up of image editing software is synonymous with the best-in-class and most comprehensive set of enhancement tools one can want, and its Android counterpart- Photoshop Lightroom CC- certainly inherits the same DNA. The first thing that stands out about the Lightroom CC app is its clean interface and clutter-free organization of tools, but make no mistake, the app is loaded with enough editing tools and filters that won’t leave you wanting for more.

The app’s noteworthy auto preset feature allows users to capture RAW images in Pro/HDR/Auto modes with five different camera effects and lets them see the outcome before clicking the photo. Lightroom CC can be the perfect app for editing images on-the-go, however, if you want the true Photoshop experience, you should go for the Premium tier which charges a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, but its worth it.

For starters, you’ll get 100GB of cloud storage on Adobe’s servers to save your masterpieces, aside from an unhindered access to Lightroom’s mobile, desktop and web versions. Photoshop Lightroom’s premium version brings some truly remarkable goodies like Adobe Sensei (An AI-based feature which identifies objects and automatically tags the photos), RAW image editing on smartphones and selective image adjustments (allows users to tweak and enhance specific parts of an image).

Download (Free, with in-app purchase)

3. PhotoDirector


PhotoDirector is a surprisingly good image editing app which brings a very minimalist UI brimming with enhancement and editing tools like filters, light effects, and various other add-ons to breathe new life into the images clicked by users.

PhotoDirector boasts of a wide array of image editing features, and a particularly noteworthy one is the app’s object removal trick, which erases undesirable objects from an image in a jiffy and in a much subtle manner.

But there is another area too where PhotoDirector really shines- its camera tool. The app’s camera offers a wide array of lens filters whose intensity can be adjusted in real time, aside from face detection and gesture support for clicking images in various aspect ratios.

Download (Free, with in-app purchases)

4. Cymera


Cymera is one of those apps which can be regarded as a jack of all trades, as it not only offers an impressive collection of image editing tools, but it also boasts of a very useful camera function which is divided into two modes: a beauty mode for clicking selfies with lots of filters and a normal mode for flexing the rear snapper’s muscles.

Cymera’s image editing tools comprise of conventional options like mosaic, texture, and hue complexion adjustment to correction functions for adjusting variables like scene mode, saturation etc. The app also lets users make a collage and convert their selfies into memes by adding text in various font styles and shades to show their creative side.

Another aspect of the Cymera app that is worth noting is the automatic face recognition feature, which shows its magic in enhancing selfies by applying over 200 different make-up effects as well as illumination tools, masks, etc.

Download (Free, with in-app purchases)

5. Photo Editor by Aviary


Photo Editor by Aviary is arguably one of the best photo editing apps, and for a good reason, thanks to the sheer variety of editing options and the clutter-free manner in which they are located on the app’s homepage, making it highly convenient for users to discover the desired filters and tools.

The app is chock-full of image retouching tools that are more than enough for our basic photo editing needs, but a few of them are worth mentioning due to their nifty functionality and excellent execution. A prominent example is the app’s ‘Splash’ functionality, which allows users to selectively render a particular part of the image in color, while the rest is automatically changed to a black and white shade, giving the image a professionally-tuned appearance.

Moreover, if you feel like you are running short of awesome effects like filters and stickers, you can always purchase an additional pack. Another noteworthy feature is the app’s explore feed, where you can look at images created by other community members and also get to know the exact filters used by them and the order in which they were applied, just like a recipe for preparing a delicacy.

Download (Free, with in-app purchases)

6. Camly


Camly can easily be called one of the simplest, yet highly productive, photo editing app whose simple user interface is its biggest USP. Unlike other image editing applications listed on the Play Store, Camly’s home screen consists of merely seven enhancement options, which makes it quite easy for users to choose the tool they want to utilize, and then select the specific variable they want to tweak.

Camly’s in-app camera is nothing to write home about, but its editing section is where the app really puts the competition to shame, as it does not confuse the users by flooding the whole screen with editing options, but instead, follows a highly organized approach which really does make an impact.

The app is quite zippy to use and renders the desired effects in a flash, but there is another reason which makes the app truly desirable- the huge collection of cool stickers and text-based additions, which make Camly the perfect app to make awesome memes.

Download (Free, with in-app purchases)



VSCO is a highly acclaimed photo editing app which blends a very clean user interface with an impressive array of image editing tools and camera presets that are truly unique in their enhancement effects and final outcome.

The VSCO app lists the editing tools in a very organized manner and features only four of them on the home screen for the sake of simplicity, each containing a vast catalog of filters and enhancement instruments to help users tweak their images with ease. And just in case you are running short of ideas, you can explore the VSCO community and follow the creative folks out there for some new ideas.

VSCO also offers a premium tier of service called VSCO X, which charges an annual subscription fee of Rs.1300, and in return, offers a wide array of regularly updated presets, video editing tools and advanced controls for tweaking variables like character and strength for that added touch of artistic precision and personalization.


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